Baked Goods

The Bell Island Co-op bakery is the only bakery on the island and sells all sorts of fresh baked goods from squares, cookies, cakes, to rolls and breads.

The Christmas Order

Every year the bakery accepts orders for bakery goods to be ready and delivered for Christmas season. Products are offered at a reduced rate for bulk orders. Bakery order forms should be filled out and submitted before the deadline. Anybody interested should see the Christmas Order section.

The Co-op

The bakery is part of Bell Island Community Development Cooperative Society Limited. This cooperative has existed on the island since the mid '80s.

Our New Website

We are proud to now have an online presence for the Bell Island Co-op Bakery! This site has been created In an effort to promote the bakery and our Christmas order, to make it easier to submit orders, and help grow our bakery and our cooperative. 

It is our hope that this website will continue to develop so please come back and visit us. If you have comments, questions or suggestion please see our contact us at