Christmas Order


The Rolling Pin Bakery, operated by The Bell Island Co-operative, is endeavouring to follow COVID-19 protocols put forward by levels of government both in-store and business conducted off-site. In particular for our annual Christmas orders that are being delivered, we are using the measures outlined by the Government of Canada's COVID-19 guidance on "Safe home food delivery and online food shopping". As part of that, the 2020 Christmas order deliveries will encourage customers to use touchless payment options and contactless drop off to your group-order contact or location.

Please make contact with the bakery or your group-order contact if you have questions or concerns.

Every year the bakery accepts orders for bakery goods to be ready for pickup or delivery for holiday and Christmas season. Products are offered at a reduced rate for group orders. Bakery order forms should be submitted before the deadline. You have the option of doing an individual order for pickup or an individual order as part of a group order for delivery...

Individual Orders For Pickup (at Bakery)

Bell Island residents usually avail of this option. Individuals can place orders online or drop by the bakery to pick up a copy of the Christmas Product List and order form.

Placing Your Order

  1. Online orders can be made using the online Order Form.
  2. Orders can also be made by first picking up a paper copy of the Christmas Product List order form at the bakery and submitting it.
All orders must be placed on or before Saturday, December 4th, 2021*. (*Note: this is for orders for Bell Island side pick-up ONLY. See below for Metro area.)

Receiving Your Order

Your order will be ready for pickup at the bakery sometime in mid December. The proposed date(s) for pickup at the Bakery is December 22nd, 2021. Please make Contact with the bakery to see precisely when your order will be ready.

Group Orders for Delivery (St. John's Metro Area)

This generally applies to residents of the metro area e.g. St. John's, Mount Pearl, Portugal Cove-St. Philip's and Paradise. People in these areas can place orders for the Bell Island Co-op Bakery Christmas order if they are part of a group or workplace that would like to make an order.

Your Group or Workplace Order

Before you can place and individual order you must check to see if your group has been registered for a Group Order . If your group or work place is not registered and you would like to organize one please register Group Order.

Placing Your Order

If your group or workplace has already registered then you can simply complete our online Order Form.

All orders must be placed on or before Saturday, December 4th, 2021.

Receiving Your Order

The order will be delivered to the location of your group or workplace before the holidays. The current proposed date for drop-off to group order locations is TBD within the week of December 13th-17th, 2021. This date may be subject to revision.